Online Payments


As of Jan 1st, Cascade School District uses the TouchBase system to pay online fees. Student and staff food service accounts, athletic fees, fines and other fees may be paid online using your debit or credit card through our TouchBase link - School offices can accept cash, checks or credit/debit cards.

As we transition mid-year (2023-2024), purchases made prior to Jan 1st are still located in Family Access. From Jan 1st 2024 forward, payment history is located in InTouch.

Please pay online to avoid wait times at your school offices. The link is Payments made to a food service account will be reflected within 12-24 hrs.

For parents with multiple students in the district, you are able to see all of your students with your one username and password. Once you've selected your student, your payments will be specific to that student. You must be signed in with the parent's or guardian's Skyward/Family Access login in order to view all of the students in your household. If logged in as a student, you will only be able to see that individual student.

Family login

  • Username: Skyward Family Access Username

  • Password: You will need to set this - you can make it the same as your Skyward Family Access password - (CaSe SeNsItiVe)

Click on student’s name

  • This will give you options to pay the fines or shop for other items.

  • You may also view the student’s purchase history through the TouchBase system.

Do not pay textbook fines online if you are turning in the book. Textbook fines will be removed 24 hours after books are returned.

Staff login

Use the 1st Time Parent/OR STAFF button to create your account. Then use your school email and create your login/password.

Food service balances for staff are found in Employee Access/Skyward until the end of the school year, although your payment history (Jan 1st forward will be in InTouch).